With QuickSelect you’ll save!

With QuickSelect, you will save!

  • MONEY!! – start saving money immediately after QuickSelect goes online – no wait time, no tuning time, no risk to your data's integrity, no other negative impact on system performance

  • I/O – reduce database I/O – QuickSelect loads DB2 result sets of frequently executed SQL's into its own memory, thereby greatly reducing repetitive I/O access and spent CPU on those SQL's

  • CPU – reduce your peak (lower your high watermark!) and average CPU utilization levels, thereby reducing the footprint of your applications

  • Elapsed time - shortens the time needed for batch jobs to run

  • Improves response times in online systems

  • License costs for existing software – get improved performance out of your existing resources – reduce the cost for existing licenses

  • Upgrade costs for existing software – since QuickSelect improves the software performance, upgrading may be deferred

  • Save development efforts for improving applications: Bypass the classic ailments of software improvement by installing a plug-in that will expedite the performance and throughput of your existing software without touching the existing code

  • Get more throughput from current system – improved CPU utilization, improved software performance – means improved overall system throughput without investing in hardware or software upgrades

  • Savings also in Test and QA environment – get better performance from the limited (capped) resources allocated to these environments

    • Improve the veracity of the tests by running more lifelike tests

    • Consume less resources

    • Run more tests in the same given timeframe

  • Free up the teams for their routine work, reduce the risky, time-consuming process of trying to make improvements to existing code

  • QuickSelect is an incredibly quick solution – a plug-in: quick installation, quick start-up, quick payback

  • Bypass fixing “old, unknown, inherited” applications – QuickSelect rejuvenates system performance and frees you from having to confront the following challenges and the risks involved in:

    • Aging software systems contain old, inherited portions that are difficult to maintain or improve

    • Knowledge has been lost due to personnel turn-around and retirement

    • Old undocumented code cannot be deciphered

    • Archaic software languages in legacy systems stymie maintenance and improvement efforts

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About QuickSelect® for DB2

QuickSelect for DB2 is a performance improvement tool for DB2 on z/OS – Installs easily – saves immediately SQL, I/O and CPU

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