Why QuickSelect?

Most of our customers face the following challenges:

  • You want to reduce the costs of your computer resources

  • You want to improve the performance of your IT systems while avoiding the risks of touching the applications and databases themselves

  • Database knowledge gets lost due to employee retirement and turnaround, and through mergers and acquisitions - leaving your organization with difficult and expensive choices for improvements and maintainance

  • With these imperatives in mind, Log-On has developed QuickSelect to provide risk-free performance improvements

  • QuickSelect works transparently, concentrating exclusively on HOW the data is used, rather than on what the application does

  • QuickSelect is installed dynamically and makes zero changes in existing systems

QuickSelect is a field-proven, quickly and easily installed to vastly improve your system's performance and to reduce the costs of running your systems

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Email: qsel-db2-support@log-on.com

About QuickSelect® for DB2

QuickSelect for DB2 is a performance improvement tool for DB2 on z/OS – Installs easily – saves immediately SQL, I/O and CPU

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