What Does Quickselect Do?

What Does Quickselect Do?

  • Saves on CPU utilization and on database I/O for programs which access the same table data very frequently – up to 85% CPU and I/O. frequently accessed reference tables and policy tables are loaded into memory, freeing up the CPU and DB2 for other work

  • Frees DB2 to serve other requests and use buffer pools and CPU for other tasks

  • Built-in LEARNMODE - automatically learns which tables and SQL are frequently accessed and should therefore be cached. The customer does not need to study and prepare a list of tables and SQl's to be cached – QuickSelect does this for you highly accurately and quickly. It outputs a list of tables, and from this list the customer can confirm or reject tables to be cached

  • Built-in table update sensitivity in order to ensure data integrity, guaranteeing that QuickSelect never runs on outdated tables: triggers are defined for cached tables based on the customer-approved list of tables to be cached. Whenever a table is changed, the database informs QuickSelect that a change has been made and QuickSelect invalidates the cache. A table without a trigger defined is never loaded to cache, protecting against the risk of running on outdated data

  • Full support for data sharing across DB2Plex: QuickSelect is installed on each of the servers in the DB2Plex and communicate with each other through a standard XCF facility. Instead of DB2 giving the answer, QuickSelect does it faster, saving on DB2 times, elapsed time

  • QuickSelect always returns the same answer and/or behaves exactly as DB2 would – it is transparent to the rest of the system

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About QuickSelect® for DB2

QuickSelect for DB2 is a performance improvement tool for DB2 on z/OS – Installs easily – saves immediately SQL, I/O and CPU

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