Implementation highlights

QuickSelect implementation highlights:

  • Minimal installation time: end-to-end installation within 1-2 workdays

  • Requires no application changes, no upfront and tedious application analysis, and works with a minimal overhead

  • Non-intrusive installation – QuickSelect is installed via SMP/E, including an IVP for Batch, CICS and IMS/TM – no compile or re-link is required – QuickSelect has a dynamic hook for all environments and it is possible to roll-out QuickSelect in a staggered fashion (Job, Jobstep,CICS Transaction(s),PSB's, Programs and Tables!)

  • Confirm suggested tables for caching from a automatically proposed list – and define QuickSelect Trigger definitions for selected tables in order to activate QuickSelect and ensure update sensitivity

  • Want to compare a job's performance with and without QuickSelect? - Run the job / Transaction with and without QuickSelect and compare the results

  • QuickSelect works in a multiple LPAR environment

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About QuickSelect® for DB2

QuickSelect for DB2 is a performance improvement tool for DB2 on z/OS – Installs easily – saves immediately SQL, I/O and CPU

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