How does QuickSelect work?

How does QuickSelect work ?

  • QuickSelect returns the same data DB2 would – but from its cache – cutting CPU, I/O and elapsed time!

  • QuickSelect interfaces between the application and DB2, but is totally transparent to the application and DB2. QuickSelect front-ends program calls to DB2 with minimal overhead and checks eligibility of the SQL for caching: only relevant SQLs, which are beneficial from the performance standpoint, are cached

  • QuickSelect retains the RESULT of a SQL call in memory above the bar (64 bit addressing mode) – it does not interfere with any other existing data – it incurs zero overhead on DB2

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About QuickSelect® for DB2

QuickSelect for DB2 is a performance improvement tool for DB2 on z/OS – Installs easily – saves immediately SQL, I/O and CPU

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